Artistic approach

The cinepainting is an action between two moments: when the paint is thrown, and when it reaches the canvas. The liquid paint does a sweep in flight, which is largely controlled by the artist. In this way, cinepainting frees the painting from its medium. That is, the paint no longer needs to be spread on a surface to be an expressive material. It is the space of the movement that serves as the medium for the very existence of the work, influenced by the forces of thrust, air resistance, gravity and material viscosity. Space, or air, sculptures the paint, a bit in the same way that it does with any other material.

The purpose of the working method for cinepainting is to identify what is beautiful and to create poetry. I am looking for beautiful, meaningful spurts of paint. The cinepainting encompasses a magic that is difficult to explain in rational terms: it makes us hover. It provides us with the kind of pleasure that we get from watching the clouds change shape.

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