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The time...

The idea to make a cinepainting in motion came while shooting a documentary about abstract art in 1981.

The work began in 1992, when digital effects (Jurassic Park) were powerful enough to allow hundreds of layers.

First, a photo shoot was done as well as 16 mm high-speed camera shooting up to 2500 fps, with the catapult, were also done in 1992. Then movement research and colour research were carried out over three years.

The final shooting was only five days in 1995.

Editing began in 1996 and required 130 days all over two years.

Compositing on Cineon required two other years, full time.

In addition, three years where spend to find the music, working with nine different composers.

Total: 11-and-a-half years to complete a project lasting nine minutes and 25 seconds.

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