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Born in Quebec, Canada, Simon Goulet directed about 20 works. He was first interested by documentary from 1978 to 1985, with ‘Les personnages’ and ‘La main lumineuse’. Some experiences in animation was done also in this period where he was influenced by the films and methods of the National Film Board of Canada.

After studying in Marketing, and Radio & Broadcasting, he obtained his Fine Arts degree from Concordia University in Montreal between 1985 and 1989 where he produced Ad vitam aeternam…Amen! and Chutes de neige. He became more experimental in his approach and produced Nivis (Cork and Montreal awards) and Chroma cola.

The idea of OÏO came to him in 1981 during the shooting of a short documentary on abstract art called Les personnages. However, he was only able to start work on this project in 1992 when digital technology made it possible to superimpose hundreds of layers of images properly. By filming this cinepainting, Simon Goulet became more interested in painting as a medium. OÏO needed eleven years to be completed (2003).

Today his work focuses on the obsession to free the paint from its medium. OÏO is by far his most ambitious project, which took him eleven years to complete.

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